Decentralized finance it taking the world by storm, current crowdsource fundraising and traditional VC capital raising does not allow for growth, so we created a way for projects to get funding, and auto-compound with the extreme rates that the current DeFi space has to offer.

What it does

The Moonshot Project couples yield farming with the power of compound interest to provide a growth to their fundraising campaigns for their projects.

How we built it

We are using the Binance Smart Chain for lower gas fees, and built using Solidity, html5, css3, javascript, and web3

Challenges we ran into

Building out the smart contracts were a challenge for us, since we are new to blockchain development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Fully conceptualizing the process for this protocol, getting a beginners grasp of smart contracts, and being able to mint our own ERC20 token.

What's next for The Moonshot Project

We will continue to develop out the protocol, because this will allow many startups and nonprofit initiatives to be funded, which will futher growth in innovation.

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