The Mobile MORE Field Guide to Life app offers support to adults in early recovery from addiction and co-occurring disorders. Based on current brain research and best practices including Twelve Step Facilitation, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Enhancement Therapy, Community Reinforcement and Contingency Management, this innovative app teaches users the essential skills connected to core recovery principles.

In 2011, Hazelden customized the Mobile MORE app for the Navy to offer the core Navy MORE components in a mobile format that would be easily accessible for Navy SARP clients anywhere in the world.

The Field Guide to Life app was born from MORE (My Ongoing Recovery Experience) program, the eHealthcare Leadership Award-winning evidence-based web program of continuing care that was proven effective in a study that appeared in the January 2012 issue of the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment. The study showed that individuals who accessed a large number of the MORE program modules in the year following treatment had significantly higher abstinence rates than those who only accessed a few modules.

The Field Guide app tracks client engagement data, including feature use and relapse occurrence as reported by the user resetting the Sober Counter (turn device horizontal to see the counter appear). Engagement analytics on use of the Field Guide app suggest that many clients open the app daily and use Today’s message as part of a daily recovery practice. Certain users (“sharers”) frequently share daily messages with friends. The Field Guide app designers review these data analytics as part of a continuous app improvement process to maximize client engagement and remove or improve unpopular features.

The Challenges feature gets the client’s attention by alerting the client that he or she has a new challenge to check off the list. We made these challenges to include short video on essential topics because many people prefer to watch and listen in addition to (or instead of) reading.

Many aspects of the Field Guide app can be customized for the individual client in recovery. For example, the SOS contact list is made to encourage the client to identify and store three key supporters that can help in crisis. The relapse response and relapse prevention plan fields encourage the client to create and input his or her personal plans with the help of a sponsor, counselor or friend. The Track tool encourages the client to take a quick account of his or her day and ask: “What positive things did I do today in my recovery practice and what are the challenges that may hold me back?” Over time, this data builds an easy to read trend report which shows how I’m spending my time in recovery and quickly see opportunities for improvement. This information can support and inform clinical trials.

We build apps that not only offer expert guidance but also offer the client many ways to share insights with friends and to customize the app to serve his or her goals and situation.

The Mobile MORE Field Guide to Life app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android.

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