Hi, my name is Carmen. I decided to join my first hackathon during quarantine since I didn't have anything else better to do this weekend. But also for the first-time experience. I don't have much hands-on experience with coding, as I mainly focused on the arts (such as music) my whole life, and I had just started learning C# ~4 weeks ago. Although I don't know much about coding, computer software, nor computer science, I didn't let it stop me from creating a functioning website. It's definitely not the best, but it shows my innovative side and my work ethic (since I'd never done these type of projects before, let alone doing it all by myself). I like to design, so I tried to make the website look neat and aesthetic as possible, given the limited amount of time I had. I also like to play games, so I thought making/designing mini games would be a fun project to start out this first time experience at a hackathon.

How It Works

This website essentially displays all the mini projects/games that I coded. They're simple and fun, but behind all that, there were a lot of coding done. The top of the web page includes a list of links that will lead to certain mini games. It is pretty simple, with one click to the image or a hyperlink, it'll direct you to a mini game so you can start playing. was the site that I used to build the foundations of the website.

Challenges and Difficulties

There were a lot of Google searching, as I am not familiar with many aspects, starting out in this project. YouTube videos was also a source of information that I spent a lot of time in, with my first video as "How to create a website using HTML on". Saturday was spent watching a lot of tutorials, Google searching/hunting, while attending each and every workshop in the schedule. Sunday was then spent creating, designing, and coding, while also attending the workshops. I ran into lots of challenges during this process. There were many times I wanted to quit. I was frustrated, angry, and disappointed at the many obstacles that I took forever to overcome. Some were as simple as lining the images in the center of the web page, or even making the images as the hyperlinks. On top of that, codes were constantly developing bugs as I code more. It was difficult to seek the mistakes, but through extensive research, it was possible. I'm proud that I made it this far, as an early beginner. In the process, there were many times I wanted to face defeat and not even turn a project in.

What I Took Away

I learned many technical skills, such as the basics of HTML and CSS, coloring of the web page, changing the sizes of images, applying hyperlinks/texts, and so much more. I never knew that I would be able to learn so much within a 48 hr time frame if I hadn't attended this event. Overall, I gained a lot of knowledge, and I couldn't have asked for a better way.

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