We all have heard of debugging with a duck, but we've never literally battled a rubber duck for the sake of our code!

What it does

"Smackdown: The Mightiest Duck" is a game built with the AR.JS framework which allows you to view and battle live (in MMO fashion) a giant debugging rubber duck using your mobile phone.

How we built it

It all started with 10 lines of HTML. And the rest is history.

We discovered a simple tutorial for AR.JS and expanded it with more HTML, CSS styling, JS controls, and lots of hard work and hours of sleep sacrificed!

Challenges we ran into

Half of the team had never coded in Javascript before and all of us were new to the AR.JS framework, which is relatively recent and not as robustly documented as other more common frameworks. We later had to expand a static, server-run, single-player version of the game to a MMO using WebSockets to upload it live to the web for our demo.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully coding a complex AR-based game in JS, when half of the team didn't know JS prior! We then successfully networked multiple players together to the same AR entity for real time collaboration.

What we learned

While you can start coding much sooner by coming up with an idea beforehand, it is worth the extra few hours of struggle to decide on a project under the time pressure... you never know what you will end up accomplishing!

What's next for The Mighty Ducks

We'll be back for Hack Upstate XIII!

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