Most of our high school is littered with food enthusiasts who are often hungry but do not know what to eat. Personally, we recall staring at UberEats or DoorDash for several minutes, undecided on what to eat because we do not know what is in the food. Thus from the fervor of our love of healthy food came the development of Meal Deal.

What it does

The Meal Deal is composed of two separate parts. The website, and the UI connected to it. The website is the base in which it has several sections such as the home page, the random food of the day which changes every load, and the about page. The UI is linked to a public API which has access to a variety of food categories and specific foods in each category, we web-scraped the API using python to successfully create a fully functional program that creates a new HTML page based on the food you choose. The HTML page includes the title, image, and recipe.

How we built it

We built the website using CSS and HTML5 which none of us had any prior knowledge of. We thought about using a web creator such as weebly or wordpress but went against it on the basis of learning. We believe it turned out very clean and is functional. We also incorporated tkinter in our python code to make it as esthetically pleasing as possible. The link to the API was done primarily through python as we stated and we used html and CSS to make the new website created for each food.

Challenges we ran into

There were many conflicts in thinking of the idea and we initially created an entirely different program on idea sharing for children prior to completing this one. The API is essentially a paragraph that extends for several pages so separating each word and category proved to be a challenge. Along with this the unicode in the API were very difficult to replace. Lastly, given that all four of us only have computer science knowledge from AP Computer Science, we had to learn most of the languages that we used for our project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are especially proud of formatting the website and UI in a way that it is clean to read and is equally functional. They both also have several features that extend past the cover and believe it could be very useful to many people.

What we learned

We learned the complexity and enjoyment of coding, but more so than that, we learned about the value of perseverance. There were many instances where we were highly confused and considered going to sleep, however we collectively learned past each step.

What's next for The Meal Deal

The Meal Deal has several applications already, but we still have ideas for improvements. We believe that an option for the Meal Deal to take user requests to expand the list of foods along with its menu would be ideal. Along with this, learning more about CSS could help our website look even more fluid and modern.

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