Math is often packed into our brains, resulting in it not being fun to learn or use. As developers, we knew that math is one of the most important parts of the coding, and we can't just let it go unnoticed and unappericated.


The Math Machine is focused on teaching math in a fun and exciting way. We made a very basic demo, and in the future hope to incorporate more levels, new skills, and a bigger team.


We used a collection of tools to make our game.

PyGame - Mainframe

Aseprite (Compiled) - Art

SFXR - Sound Effects


At first, we weren't able to take user inputs for our problem generator. Thankfully we figured it out!


This is the first real hackathon for all of us, so it was amazing to learn and code with other people.

What we learned

We all learned a lot more about what goes into making a game. Our pixel artist improved his skills, and we all solved a lot of practical problems.

What's next for The Math Machine

We are gonna keep updating it every month

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