"The magic used in the Marauder's Map creation is advanced and impressive; it includes the Homonculous Charm, enabling the possessor of the map to track the movements of every person in the castle." - Pottermore

This program takes advantage of ArcGIS API for Javascript and the ability to introduce MapBox tilets as basemaps in ArcGIS, and Zack's FIND server to make The Marauder's Map a reality.

Try it at Duke!

Its easy! Downloads this app. Goto Options -> Change group -> Enter "hackduke". Then hit Go Back -> Track.

Now open up and see your feet move!

Try it at home!

Want to make your own Marauder's map? Follow these steps:

1. Internally position yourself in your home / business

Follow the instructions for learning yourself indoors, using a computer or android phone.

2. Rename locations with GPS coordinates

Once you finish, goto the FIND dashboard and enter your group name. Then for, each location, edit the name by clicking on the pencil.

Edit the name

Then change the name to the following: "original=latitude=longitude=floor".

You can get the latitude and longitude by going to OpenStreetmap, double-cliking on a position, and then copying the coordinates in the URL. (See highlighted in picture)

Copy coordinate

3. Goto the Marauder's map!

Goto where group name is the one you used to do the learning, and lat / lon is where you want to center the maps coordinates to (it defaults to Duke University).

4. Set your phone or computer to track.

Follow the instructions for tracking yourself indoors, using a computer or android phone.

5. Watch yourself move around the map!



Zack Scholl (@schollz) Abhimanyu Jataria ( Bishal Gautam (@bishalgautam) Huy Tu (@HuyTu7

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