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Due to Covid-19, businesses of all sizes are conservatively spending and want to control their marketing expenditure. Businesses are experiencing a loss in revenue and would want to increase their reach to drive more sales while optimizing their costs. As people are going to prefer to stay at home, digital marketing is seeing a boost over physical marketing now more than ever.

By talking to a few businesses, we also validated the following top concerns:

  • How users are consuming content and what grabs their attention keeps changing frequently.
  • It is difficult to strike a chord with a large spectrum of users with the same old ideas.
  • A single campaign does not work out for all target personas.
  • The cost of advertising on all channels is skyrocketing and the results obtained are meagre in comparison.

What it does

'The Mango Jelly' ( ) is a crowdsourcing platform that connects businesses with contributors to create awesome marketing content.

The Mango Jelly helps businesses to lower their costs and run the right ads by crowdsourcing ideas from their target audience. Multiple sources of creativity and diversity in thought are useful to create standout campaigns. The submissions can be used directly or in a modified form for ads.

On the platform, a business can post projects to get help in creating content, and anyone (who is part of their target audience) can contribute ideas while earning rewards. Think on the lines of Fiverr or Upwork for marketing content projects.

Contributors sign up on the platform and provide some demographic and interests related details, which are utilized to invite them to relevant projects. We see a huge trend in millennials towards creating content on various platforms such a TikTok, Helo, Likee, Instagram and others, and they also make up a significant percentage of the potential customer base for a large number of companies.

Revenue Model

Businesses will pay for posting projects on the platform, a fraction of which will be used for rewarding successful submissions by contributors. Pricing varies as per project attributes, number of demographic segments targeted, count of contributors and boosts for project visibility.


Benefits for businesses

  • Save marketing and advertising budgets substantially.
  • Know what kind of messaging will work.
  • Drive higher conversion rates.
  • Crowdsource ideas and content.
  • Make their copywriting easier.
  • Run the right ads for various mediums.
  • Test campaigns with target audience users.
  • Avail an end to end solution to drive more engagement.

Benefits for Contributors

  • No prior experience required
  • Have fun as they participate in short activities
  • Earn rewards from the comfort of their homes
  • Get a chance to be featured on impactful advertisements

How we built it

We are initially working with college students for contribution as we have access to a large set of universities via our network. Thus, we are onboarding selected businesses that are focussing on this user segment.

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