One day we couldn't find a trashcan to throw away trash. We quickly decided to build a tool to index the world in order to locate anything and everything of interest.

What it does

The Mandatory indexes everything that would not normally be a POI on Google Maps and the like. The data is crowd sourced, so it relies on people to provide interesting things for other people to see. New data is immediately streamed to every online device, and all devices synchronize upon login so it's always up to date. Of course the service is cross platform compatible, with native versions for iOS, Android, and Web. Leaderboards are also included to gamify the experience of finding new and interesting places. Compete against the entire world for the top spot!

How we built it

We decided early on to use Firebase as our backend due to its speed and streaming capabilities, as well as the ability to provide fine grain control over user accounts, including options for password recovery and such. We then decided to use a domain provided by .CO as they graciously provided us one for free. We then programmed some stuff and got it working.

Challenges we ran into

At first we had issues deciding on the schema of the database, as Firebase was pretty freeform by nature. We then decided to use Imgur for image hosting, which turned out to be a huge problem for us as Imgur wasn't really built for what we needed. We also had further issues with figuring out how information flow would work in each settings (web, mobile, etc).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everything works flawlessly and should scale we think. Probably

What I learned


What's next for The Mandatory

We really hope to grow this into the next big online community. We think it would be amazing for location discovery and simple communication across the world if everybody could post so simply and freely.

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