The covid-19 bug has raised question on the advancement of humans on this planet. The more advanced we are, the most uncertainty been placed by the Novel Corona. COVID-19 is basically a myth buster pandemic that is shaping the habitat of our entire planet. The risk has been identified as a global threat and our coalition to fight distinction is basically our approach to a world unification system where we share this planet with all its habitat rather than owning it. Countries, Communities and societies regardless of cast, creed and religion are Re-Shaping their Cultural, Religious & Social interactions in wake of COVID-19 –to make the place better for living. We still uncertain how the POST-COVID world will be? While the pandemic has not gained its peak and still infections are likely to be happen which will definitely raise the bar. We need to find solutions that may help immediately this pandemic situation and must plan for what a bug free tomorrow might be, as like Novel Corona Super Bugs are been predicted and are expected to infect our future. The WHO figure shows that upto 2-3 percent of COVID-19 victims dies of the virus hence it is not such fatal as other virus of SARS family. The Spread of COVID-19 relatively to other is too much fast. It infects networks of network resultantly Social Distance, Isolation and lock down are necessary. The effect of COVID-19 on economy is crucial. Businesses of many sectors are closed and with uncertain future we have no idea how to make the life easier and normal as the bug is still re-shaping most of our lifestyle. How a Post Covid-19 Scenario will be? In order to get rid of the COVID-19 and other Super bugs that are been predicted in future will hit us we must prepare our workplace a virus free. We cannot afford for a longer time wearing Gloves, Face Mask and Goggles and going around in PPE armor. NO MORE VIRUS may be the only strategy to live the life normal as we use to be. Moreover NO More Virus device must reach to the pockets of most people so that Brands, Cinemas, Theme Parks, Infotainment & Entertainment Centers, Grocery Stores, Super Markets and food chain might adopt to provide a peace of mind satisfaction to their visiting customers. There are Many Ideas that happened to be affective in Natural Calamities, Disasters, War worsen places and COVID-19 apocalypse.
A. The Magic Wrapper (Plastic Disinfector) The world we live, plastic is everywhere and is the most useful companion, however in COVID-19 Scenario, Plastic are the possible carrier / Transmitter of COVID-19. Think about Plastic Packaging Industry, Courier Services and Cargo, Plastic Wrappers are widely used while these products are touch by many people in the Supply Chain since it come in to the hand of End Consumer. Converting these Plastic Wrappers in to a Dis-Infecter might be a helping hand preventing the spread of virus. We can prepare the plastic wrapper filled with Dis infecting Solution while pressed on hands spreads the solution on the surface and makes its virus free. Similarly there are bubble wrappers which we can use as pre filled with dis infecting solution and press them before opening these packages. These plastic wrappers can widely be used on places that are most touched by people. Like Door Handle, Windows, Desk tops. They Can also be used as hand grip in Public transport as in a Post Covid-19 Scenario public transports will be widely used. Below are some pictorial examples of using Plastic Wrappers.

Almost all of our house hold items that we receive as end consumer, these items are transported via Cargo, Courier or any other supply Chain either from Country local logistics or by international freight. Supply chain , Logistics, Cargo & Courier are the major case of transmitting the Virus from one country to another, from one city to another. These packages are normally packed by Plastic Wrappers or in some cases Bubble Wrappers. Insulating Sanitizer solution to these Plastic Wrappers will spread the solution as pressed. as it is received to end user before opening the packages the plastic may be thoroughly pressed to dis infect the surface and then opening the package. this way the transmission of virus may be stopped. Similarly these wrappers can also be used on places that are frequently touched like, Door Handle, Public Transport bars, Desk tops etc.

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