Inspiration One of our members, Trevor Pennypacker plays the saxophone in the school band. One day we were walking and Trevor heard a song playing in the distance. He wished he had his handy saxophone to catch the tune, but unfortunately he didn't. How could trevor always have his sax ready. That problem is solved with the new Magic Saxophone

What it does

This is an easy to use portable saxophone that players utilize by placing their fingers to their palm.

How we built it

The main components were love, magic, sweat and tears. We also used a Rasberry Pi processor, Arduinos and HC05 bluetooth modules.

Challenges we ran into

Basic challenges we ran into were wiring the gloves and getting the wires to stay fitted in their position. Other challenges included setbacks from faulty bluetooth modules and bugs in the code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - We are proud of our final product on a whole.

What's next for The Magic Saxophone - Next we will try to make the glove with a much more sleek design.

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