I have been doing some augmented reality work lately and saw a cool mashup with the Alexa screen.

What it does

The user can summon a dragon. On Echo Show devices you will see a picture of the dragon. If you use the Zapwork Zappar phone app you can scan the screen to see an augmented reality version of the dragon.

How I built it

ask-sdk with APL docs

Challenges I ran into

Learning the APL. Issues with Zappar recognizing the marker image on a semi-reflective screen.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I got it to work.

What I learned

AR can work with Alexa but if an image on the Alexa is going to act as the marker image it has to be high contrast to compensate for the glare.

What's next for The Magic Portal

Ability to summon other creatures. An interactive story.

Built With

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