We all love the holidays and we wanted to create something that people would love to engage with, something that changed every-time you came back. The card provides users something to look forward to, the holidays!

What it does

The skill provides an audio-visual journey, helping users build and design a magical holiday card. We wanted to mix the Conversations API and APL, to create a compelling audio-visual conversation for users.

How we built it

We used the Conversations API framework on Alexa, we followed the following steps

  • We started with the concept, we wanted something users would love and thats when we thought it has to be something for the Holidays, which are just around the corner.
  • Then we spent some time deciding on how the dialogue would work, how could we make it simple and at the same time excite the user. This is when we decided to include the APL, and make it audio-visual conversation.
  • Once we had the building blocks, we got to work with the designs, sound and dialogue.

Challenges we ran into

We found it difficult to design the conversation at first, but with lots of attempts and practice we were able to get there in the end.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Gelling music, visuals and conversation allowed us to build something we were all really proud of.

What we learned

Once you know the user problem you want to solve, focus on the dialogue and spend most of your time designing on paper before getting to the tools.

What's next for The Magic Card

Next we plan to add the ability to create cards for any occasion, and then work out away to send these to users. Getting an Audio or Visual card via Alexa, could be a killer app!

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