Lord of the Rings (LOTR)

The Virtual Keyboard

Utilizing 8 accelerometers mounted on 3D printed rings, LOTR gives users the ability to type anywhere and anyway.


Speech Impediment

Approximately 7.5 million people have a speech impediment that impairs their ability to express themselves and communivate effectively. American sign language can be a hard skill to learn and requires both parties to know the language. With our product, a text-to-speech api, and a speaker, one can type in midair, and immediately the words will be said out loud allowing easy communication.

Virtual Reality

Currently users of virtual reality must pick letters individually when typing. With LOTR, users are able to type with a fully immersive glove. This increases effieciency and speed.

IOT Home

A Raspberry Pi consolidates the data from all the accelerometrs. This data can be sent over wifi or bluetooth to various apis. For instance, it could be used to control a home using Lutron, call a ride using Lyft, or order food using Seamless. The possibilities are endless.

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