Wishing that I had a trustworthy and reliable friend or person in any country whenever I travel or visit that was able to provide me with the information I need for whatever I was looking for or if it was my first time visiting or planning to visit

How it works

Users download the app (FREE of cost) or visit a website and they will be able to select any country that The Local App is available to and a comprehensive selection of information icons gives them access to anything and everything available locally in that country - e.g. news, articles, videos, pictures, businesses, attractions, accommodations etc

Challenges I ran into

Learning to code and creating a responsive User Interface across available device platforms. As well as reducing boot time or making the app available offline so persons whom aren't always connected can enjoy using the app

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Actually creating a working prototype of the App - #sleeplessnights

What I learned

There are more than one ways to skin a - well let's just say getting a task complete or job done and choosing the right colours can make the difference in how users feels or utilize an app.

What's next for The LocaL App

Sourcing the necessary funding to move forward and launching to spread across the world

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