We were inspired by our own experiences growing up in cultures where females going into STEM was uncommon and generally disapproved by our family and friends. We wanted to make a statement that anything, in the eyes of an adult or of a little girl, can be possible with determination, a sense of humor, and a bit of a sassy attitude. The terms of style, the game was inspired by Lifeline, a push notification text based iOS game.

What it does

This program runs on the console and will display important dialogue that reveals the little girl's character depending on the choices you make for her. You play as her conscience and are in charge of making sure that the little girl stays determined throughout her day. There are currently two endings depending on your choices and how they affect her encouragement meter.

How I built it

We used netbeans to build this program in Java

Challenges I ran into

Finding an efficient way of displaying the text and responses much like Lifeline does

What's next for The Little Hacker

An actual UX Import to iOS to implement the push notification style of gameplay Lifeline has Music More choices More endings Possibilities are endless

Built With

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