From Rick an Morty

The robot was inspired by a robot that gave us an existential crisis in the first season of Rick and Morty. We developed the drive to create this robot after seeing other hardware projects. Our goal with this project was to become better all-around hackers and learn skills in areas we've barely touched before.

What it Does & How it Works & How we Built it

it passes the butter. We designed the robot. This includes the drivers. The circuit for the drivers uses a MOSFET, this means a when the gate port receives a HIGH voltage (3.3v) the MOSFET allows current to flow through the base and collector ports, thus turning on the motors. The servo-claw system is something we also designed. We first designed claws to attach to servo motors, we then tested to find the best angular movement pattern to pick-up butter.
The control mechanism is a websever that info is hosted on the the Domain thing that pushes data to the pi which then translates and realises it as one of a selection of actions.

Challenges we ran into

  1. The H-bridge driver was only half working so we didn't use it.

  2. RaspPi GPIO -RAWR

  3. The BJT driver was not controling both motors -voltage not current based control

  4. The servo code was not working returns ASCII or char not int

  5. The structure of the claw so that it is rigid -we used platic utensiles

  6. Making the Pi into a web server -files are touchy -so coms method got switched to nRF

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We overcame all our challenges. Especially since the broken BJT driver has been plaguing me for almost a year, and more or less been the reason I've abandoned several projects. We also gained a much better understanding of new areas and in each of our respective weak points

What we learned

literally everything Valery learned the answer to life the universe and everything is that bjts burn out and get damaged very easily sooooo use a MOSFET. Kynara learned arduino and how to use servos, and some mechanics design. We all learned Raspberry Pi GPIO

What's next for The Lard Rover

Becoming sentient and passive agressive. Also transitioning off of remote control.

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