Both my partner and I are learning Spanish at our school. We wanted to make something that made it easier and fun to learn. However, along the way, we ran into multiple problems, and in the end, we had to scrap our original idea due to lack of time. However, we ended up making a quick guide about language. We hope to add the game in the future.

The app is supposed to give you a better understanding of language. We would have added more things if there had been more time.

We used Xcode as the text editor and swift as the language to program in. We chose Swift over objective C because it was easier to learn and program with.

Both my partner and I were very new to Xcode so we wanting to start a simple but challenging topic. Originally, we were going to make a game, but there was a problem with changing the view and the random generator. It was already 2 in the morning, so we decided to scrap the idea and make a simple guide. Overall, the project was very fun.

I am proud that we were able to both learn more about a new language.

We learned how to use Xcode, and how to program in Swift.

We hope to make the language app what we originally wanted it to be, a game that would help you learn a language.

Built With

  • we-used-swift-to-write-the-program
  • we-used-xcode-as-the-text-editor
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