Our team immediately bonded over some things, and one of them was the great times we've had with video games. We settled on the style surprisingly quickly, and worked it out together! And so, we came up with a video game theme portfolio and named our team "the Gamer Fellowship."

What it does

It's a portfolio web app, written in Flask. It has two static pages: the main menu and the About Us section, or the "Character" page. It also has two other dynamic pages: the blog, and the gallery page. The main menu takes us to the Character, Blog, or Gallery page. The Character page has descriptions about the individual team members, and highlights our projects, skills, and experience as hackers. The blog and gallery run SQLite in the back end, with the in-progress ability to post from a web interface. The blog contains posts about our stories, jokes, or whatever we like, including the ability to comment and like each post. The gallery stores pictures that the three of us like!

How we built it

Angelyn helped out with the initial ideas and sketches of the project, and also made the overview video.

Bernardo wrote the entire back end, and was responsible for the blog and gallery page!

Petar made and styled the main and About Us pages, and refactored the back end from MySQL to SQLite.

Challenges we ran into

We had to get used to communicating about design! As we're more used to working alone quickly, some decisions didn't get communicated clearly in the beginning.

Definitely had to gain a lot of knowledge about Flask and front-end design quickly. I'm glad we pulled through.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of how quickly we pulled together and got everything working. It was a pleasure to be part of a team so excited to work on a goal.

What we learned

A ton of technical information!

Petar learned a lot about using custom assets in web pages using CSS. He also improved his skills at debugging web applications.

Bernardo got much more familiar with Flask and databases, as well as with debugging web applications.

Angelyn learned about the GitHub workflow, how to set up an environment, run websites locally, and some python and Flask.

What's next for The Lair of the Gamer Fellowship

In the next few weeks, we will each fork the application, and hopefully, turn it into a fully containerized application to run as our own portfolios.

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