There are lot of things people want to get from different places that they can’t get, "The Luggage" is a quick, low-cost Local+international shipping solution that relies on everyday people to transport items from one place to other. We are reshaping the delivery Process. For shoppers in source city, all they need to do is to register them self and Update their status of departure from source to destination including time e.t.c .The application will then takes care of the entire process . Some initial fears that might come to mind for travelers could be, “but what if I end up carrying something illegal?” the answer is that all the people (Luggage carriers) will be fully authenticated first before allowing them to be register with the application. These items are coming from people. Public will help each other to deliver their products to each other in less amount of time and comparatively less money. Here’s how it works for people, Let’s say you’re planning a trip to Peshawar to Lahore, and you have some extra space in your luggage. You would go to application (Web or Mobile) and sign up as a traveler, share your Tramsport information, and provide the best address for you to receive the item. Before you’re approved, The software will conducts a background check. Once you arrive in destination city, the shopper will meet you at the the decided place. Once the transaction is complete, the luggage carrier receive the mutually decided amount, and confirmation message will be sent to both parties. The app contains both (Android application and web application). The users can avail the functionality using both platforms. Challenges faced are that trying to fulfill the expectations of the local people. The goal is the design a software that any Lyman can use with ease. The current accomplishment is designing the android application. The application is in its very initial phases and will take some time to develop further. What i learned is how to get mindset of people that what really people want. Then keeping in mind those facts, i try to give a digital solution for those problems. The next step for the application is to develop it and launch it in market as soon as possible.

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