Everyone is unique and want to learn things that interest them.

What it does

The Knowledge Project is geared towards giving a student in need a personalized Knowledge Package.

Step 1: Listen and Collect The Knowledge Project uses Facebooks Messenger to collect students individual learning needs. Using a powerful bot, we gather key insights into what students really want to learn.

Step 2: Create Lessons Using the data collected by our bot, we will kickstart our lessons plans. The Knowledge Project provides a way for everyone in the world to help these students. Donate to their cause and see the progress of the Knowledge Package for each student.

Step 3: Share The Learning The students that receive a Knowledge package will also receive instructions on how to share their learning. We follow the Heifer model, but for students to become teachers and lead their community to better education.

Each student is unique and we are all ears.

How I built it

  • Facebook Message App that collects data from students
  • Node / Express backend
  • React / Redux Front End

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge I ran into was creating a full proof solution for distribution. A lot of students live in camps and are a refugee and do not have a address.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I worked a lone for this project. From idea creation, design, programming, and everything else.

What I learned

There is so much people out there that needs better access to education.

What's next for The Knowledge Project

The facebook page exists already. The page itself can be improved on and grow a community of people who are interested in helping others through education.

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