Bahbhani is referred to GMC Sierra model 1850, usually in red. The Saudi embraced that car into its culture, it became part of the society, but right now people are starting to forget that beautiful past, and that is what we want to bring back to the world... "Shards of the past".

What it does

By training the data using Transfer learning fractal images, we infused the fractured style into a picture that we took from a cultural event in Saudi that captures the past, Bahbhani, camels, and old castles.

How I built it

By choosing the content image and the style image. We specify a layer in VGG19 for the content image, and 5 layers for the style image. after we extract these layers from the VGG19 and after that we trained the model.

Challenges I ran into

Choosing the right style that explains the message that we want to send, and making the style effect the content in the right places.

What I learned

I learned a lot of types of neural networks that I have never seen before, this was the first time we have used the transfer learning, which was very helpful.

What's next for Bahbhan

We want to capture more cultural stuff and try to change the styles to make it differ from the shards, we will use other dimensions.

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