When life knocks you back, getting up is hard and not something anyone can achieve alone. I learnt this first hand in 2012. I am rich by definition when it comes to friends and family, yet only a handful rallied themselves around me. When I got back on my feet, I did the rounds asking why the others had seemingly not been bothered by loosing touch with me. The blame was laid at busy's door each time. Busy is not an excuse we should be giving to each other and this is because we need each other so much. This is so important, we really need to get our priorities straight. Everybody needs somebody and a strong support network is what we should all be building because it's right, it's great, its safe and it makes the world a better place.

When I had no strength of my own and was ready to let go, it was the loving care, support and straight talking, no none sense phone call from an old friend that shook me out the bleakness and let my dreams come flooding back in, along with courage and hope. After seeing the Apple App Store for the first time, I began to think of an app that would help people not to forget each other, especially those who should not be forgotten. Isolation and depression make you want to withdraw, I know this withdrawal had to be stopped, arrested and who best to do this than your loved ones? The Kinship app allows you to set a how long is too long counter through a dial so you get in touch. This is the feature I am most proud of as it works along with your loved ones activity via personal updates and activity on Facebook which it currently integrates with.

The Kinship app is for anyone in charge of anyone considered vulnerable. It also is valuable for people who have big families and live far from them like expatriates. Thirdly, its for young people to learn to cultivate kinship and grow their relationships and support network.

We all need someone to lean on sometime in our lives. The Kinship app will help you manage, build and nurture your relationships and keep your loved ones close.

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