After going through a period of isolation and depression and beating it with love and support from friends and family, I knew firsthand how easily we can forget those who should not be forgotten when we get busy. We all need each other through good and bad times. No one can really succeed on their own, we need each other. So I set about building an app to help us keep regular contact and also be socially aware of loved ones normal activity so we can reach out when they need us most.

How it works

The Kinship will let you know when you last were in contact with a loved one, it will notify you using a dynamic activity dial based on Kinship usage, Facebook usage and manual updates. You can create multiple circles for your closest groups. Get notified when people need your attention based on a collective low usage activity on the app, app circles and Facebook. It also lets you see where people were last going and with whom.when you are too busy to catch up so you know they are okay.

Challenges I ran into

I have no tech experience so I had to find a developer to share my vision for the app. I also had to raise the finance to see the project through. Currently, we want to expand the app into Android, we hope we win the prize so we can start doing this as soon as possible.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting nominated for the London Technology Week's Future of Tech Start Up showcase 2014 out of hundreds we got within reach of the #Startup15 . Exhibiting at Apps World 2014 in the Mobile Monday London Start up zone.

What I learned

You never know what you can do when you set your mind to it. I also learned through my issues that the best things in life are made even more so when we nurture, cherish and strengthen the ties that bind us, our Kinship.

What's next for The Kinship App

A major update and an Android version.

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