The Kind Kids Space

Kind Kids Space is a desktop and mobile-friendly application designed to promote kindness among children. It does this through a points-based rewards program. Users register on the website or on their mobile device to participate in the Kind Kids Space movement. User information is gathered and placed into a DataStax Astra Cassandra database for tracking. Participants under the age of 13 must have parental consent.


Every day, we see a glimpse of selfishness and unkind acts all around us. Kids grow into the same adults that are selfish and inconsiderate. Learning good values starts when you are young. So, we need to do something now to inspire and encourage unselfish and kind behavior in our kids. Introducing....The Kind Kinds Space!

What it does

A user is issued a unique number that is placed on a printable coin template upon registering. A user can trim out the coins until actual coins are received by the participant in the mail. When the participant (referred to as the "giver") does a kind act, he/she gives their coin to the person that they are displaying some kind act to and asks them to "pay it forward". The person to whom the kind act is bestowed upon can scan a QR code or type in a code from off the coin into the mobile or desktop device. When done, the "giver" is credited with points that can be redeemed for various prizes and/or raffles that are donated by various businesses, individuals, and organizations. The "receiver" can also elect to participate by registering for the Kind Kids Space, and the coin that they received is now assigned to them so that they can reuse the coin. As this process continues, users will understand the benefits of giving and will hopefully reduce selfishness in children.

How we built it

We used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and bootstrap to implement the front-end. We also used a DataStax Astra Cassandra database to implement the back-end to hold user information. We used Adobe Illustrator to create graphics and pdf file.

Challenges we ran into

  • Not having enough time to figure out how to implement user information collected in forms into DataStax Astra Cassandra database structure.
  • Learning to use a QR reader

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Learning about bootstrap and more about JavaScript
  • Learning about a new database, Cassandra, and how to use it
  • Finishing the project

What we learned

  • How to use a Cassandra database and its syntax
  • How to use bootstrap
  • How to use a QR reader

What's next for The Kind Kids Space

Proposed Future Functionality:

  • Chat Room for Kind Kids
  • Connect front-end to back-end database
  • Games for Kind Kids
  • Contests for Kind Kids
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