I was really inspired to write this project, when i kept hearing and seeing the negative effects going on in the aspect of the covid 19 vaccination, which wasn't society- friendly. This project brings about awareness to the community on how they should be both security and morally conscious of the activities going on in the society so as to avoid any of those negative effect on vaccination .

It didnt take much time to bring one or two things together in order to create this project, I and my teammate took time to brainstorm about the solutions and the effects we consider as bringing negativity to the society.

The challenges we ran into in creating this project was just the fact that we were not able to communicate for a particular period of time, which led to dormancy at that point.

We are proud of actually finalizing this project and also other projects we have done like creating a mobile app that is able to identify and register people who are in need of covid 19 vaccination.

We learnt that no matter the situation, everyone has the right to be treated fair and just, and also give the freedom and opportunity to chose. Watch out, we would be bringing more issues based on the covid vaccination and ways of how to solve them, and also various series of intellectual education based on rights advantages of vaccines that can help us prevent covid 19 within our community and the society at large.

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