Inspiration : When our original idea was a bust, we turned to the only other option: the "broken" Keurig machine.

What it does : The hack allows the user to brew a cup of coffee with just a simple gesture. It also sends a notification to the users computer that coffee is on the way!

How I built it : Most of our building was actually destroying. We had to tear apart the keurig and play with it until we knew how it worked. Then it was just a matter of coding some scripts and doing some electrical wiring (which we'd never done before!

Challenges I ran into : We had never seen the inside of Keurig before this Hack, and had never used any of the hardware either. We'd also never learned anything about circuitry.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of : This is our first hack! And we're proud that we were able to finish and submit anything. We'll just be happy if it works!

What I learned : We learned how to deconstruct and kind of reconstruct a Keurig machine. We also learned how to use Arduino and Spark. We also learned how to use the Myo gesture recognition band. We'd also never done any electrical engineering!

What's next for The Keurig Machine : Support for all buttons is the next step. It's now just a matter of testing and connecting the remaining push buttons. After that, just to ride of into the sunset.

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