All college students want to make money, and many have excess items they no longer need. The Purdue Market (The 'Ket) gives them the chance to buy and sell local items so everyone has the chance to make money and receive their desired items without waiting days for amazon arrivals.

What it does

Allows students to buy and sell from a local and convenient market of fellow Purdue students.

How we built it

java, android studio with php and mysql backend webserver.

Challenges we ran into

php and mysql were very difficult to integrate, and one of our computers simply could not run the xampp server so we ended up trading computers to solve problems. Additionally, git merge errors were horribly destructive and took up a good portion of our time to fix.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Lots of features and strong connections to the sql database. Also, the log is awesome.

What we learned

Back end and front end integration has improved vastly for the group. This was also all of our first time's using java for android app development. Additionally, the majority of the group was very inexperienced in git, a very vital component of modern programming organization and collaboration.

What's next for The 'Ket

Refinement and a better search page with a better algorithm to rank the many items that will be sold.

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