I am not good at math.

I'm also a beginner programmer, so I lacked a lot of the knowledge and experience I needed for all the big fancy ideas I had for projects. I decided to take this hackathon as an opportunity to learn, not outdo myself, and work on a simple project with a humourous, self-deprecating twist. Is it complex? Nope. Is it original? Probably not. But I made it and I learned a lot, and overall I think I did well.

What it does

It's a basic online calculator that occasionally insults you, and mostly for really simple questions that people often do on calculators (e.g., any number + 1. You don't really need a calculator for that).

How we built it


Challenges we ran into

I couldn't figure out how to incorporate a square root function, so in the interest of time I scrapped it. I also initially had difficulty figuring out how to incorporate text into the main interface of the calculator, but I figured it out eventually. Also, my VS Code's debugger stopped working out of nowhere, and I had not the time nor patience to fix it so to we went!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Nothing specifically, just the fact that I managed to finish it in time is miracle enough for me.

What we learned

Javascript is a lot more flexible than I thought

What's next for The Judgmental Calculator

More insults!! And more calculator functions.

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