I've always wanted to make a Jeremy-bot. This way, I can sustain my social standing within discord channels without actually having to be there.

What it does

I'm kind of a boring person, which is good in the case. I play games (with my sister audible in the background), I code, I read the bible, and I sometimes sing about beans (inside joke). Thus, my bot, on command, will also do these things. Various audio recordings have been made, and the bot will randomly cycle through them every 8 to 15 seconds.

Here are the relevant commands:

-j gaming
-j coding
-j bible
-j beans

You can make your own with the poorly written instructions in the Github readme.

How I built it

Slappey tool + Javascript

Challenges I ran into

I got annoyed with some of the code in the middle so I put a lot of the aggression that I felt into the responses that Jeremy-bot makes. I've made a monster. :^( That being said, discord bots are surprisingly very easy to make.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Similar to how Dr. Frankenstein marveled in horror at his accomplishments, I too marvel in horror of what I've made. This creation will forever be part of my legacy.

Built With

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