The Problem

If you have a technical or business background, you know how hard it is to hire the right engineering talent. You also know it’s the single most important thing you can do as a company. Hiring the right engineer is like finding a diamond in the rough - for every 1 person who’s good, 100 people have wasted you and your engineers’ time.

On the flip side, as engineers in the Valley, we’re constantly bombarded by requests from our non-tech friends to help vet engineers for their business idea.

The Solution

We’ve put two and two together and built a site that lets companies hire domain experts who’ve worked at top companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook to interview their technical candidates.

We’ve had unexpected success even in the past 24 hours - after posting on some tech news sites, we have over 100 signups. 100+ people with engineering backgrounds who want to interview for money, about 10 companies that just don’t have the technical resources to interview engineering candidates.

Key features

  • Experts - sign up to interview people
  • Companies - browse top experts to screen for the talent you need
  • The platform streamlines the flow for companies and experts.
  • Interactive interview environment with video chat and shared notepad.
  • Companies receive detailed interview feedback.

Target users

  • Small companies, 1-30 people, that are overwhelmed by lack of technical resources.
  • Engineers who want to spend an hour a day interviewing for money.
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