Take your place among the military strategists of the galaxy!

“The Interstellar Art of War” is a proposed game for the Moverio, using Unity and the Vuforia SDK. In the tradition of Homeworld, this game is a real-time military strategy which pits fleets of starships against each other in 3D combat. Effective use of different ship types (fast interceptors vs heavy cruisers), angles of attack and features of the surrounding space (asteroid fields, jump gates) are vital to victory. Scout your opponent’s fleet, plan an attack run, and disappear back into the void of space before your opponent can bring their weapons to bear!

The game is played out using an immersive 3D AR display. The player places an AR marker on their table top to localize the 3D playing volume. The player can physically move around the play area to inspect the battle from different angles. Interaction with the game is performed via simple gestures to select groups of ships, and indicate movements and targets for attack.

The purpose of this project is to develop a simple, but entertaining game that showcases how AR can be applied to create interactive “holographic” displays.

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