Common vision to enable, protect and conserve life and the operating climate in entrusted ways

The Internet's Influences on us (common people) The Internet on being available provides us with a continuity to interface with people, specifically skilled or interested elements, businesses, organizations, systems, platforms, in socially accountable ways or less lest said ways.

The “open-nature of the influences on us as common people” is not deterministic.

Activation of Influences on us (Operating Climate interested people) The Internet to most of us needs to step next into being open-but-operating-climate-centric where being open-nature is as described above.

What is the Operating Climate (OC)? The term OC refers to the climate due to the Natural systems interface (NSI) present in or near regions and our life interests to involve ourselves in many sense & respond cycles..

What is the Natural systems interface? NSO refers to the topography, rock and soil texture, forest cover, river system proximity, ground water table sufficiency, sunlight, shade, winds and rainfall patterns.

What it does

Being operating-climate-centric means

  1. Adding an Operating Climate Centre (OCC) in addition to the Network and Sharing Centre etc we find on our systems

  2. Having Behaviour Trending reported by the OCC such as

  3. Service or System application usage while being online

  4. Via Internet application usage while being online

  5. Interactive application usage while being online

  6. File and storage usage while being online

  7. Time of usage while being online

  8. Situ of usage while being online (work from office, work from home, work from other sites)

  9. Having SMART Intervention elements to understand and mitigate risks to any Natural Systems Interface and Inter-connected climate like “caused or emergent”

  10. Pollution levels

  11. Resource depletion levels

  12. Economic downturn levels

  13. Risk to right to information levels

  14. Having a function of “interaction pattern-evaluation & environmental-impact assessment” to report any “sense & respond enabler like readiness, repair, restoration & transformation for climate change mitigation”

4.a The Interaction patterns could involve

  • Connectivity
  • System re-login or restart
  • Search engine utilization
  • Group communication
  • Conscious Leaf enabled interaction
  • Goodwill at work enabled interaction
  • Fast Tracks enabled interaction

4.b Environmental impact assessment could include Digitally-enabled-assessment of

  • Env-availability
  • Env-kinetics
  • Env-dynamics
  • Env-uptime-efficacy
  • Env-adverseness like reporting of auxiliary alerts, hotspot alerts, weak-spot alerts   Background to alerts etc
  • Auxiliary alerts could involve alerts about Visibility levels, Pollution levels, Acid rain levels, Solar radiation or Thermal levels
  • Hotspot alerts could involve alerts about incidence afflicted g-sites, where g-sites are Geographical sites, Internet sites or Access sites. It is expected that today’s sites could become Grid connected sites or remain what they are today for the edition of the Internet used.
  • Weak-spot alerts could mean alerts about chronologically slowing down g-sites or Earth Facts afflicted g-sites, where g-sites are Grid connected to report anomalies or affliction
  1. Steering ahead We could start by editioning the Internet, from what it is today to an edition called the Futuristic Internet This means that as users we could register into a Futuristic Internet platform, where we need to register details about A. The Behaviour we need to be surveyed B. Our interest to protect the NSI and inter-connected climate C. Our interest to sense & respond to environmental impact or operating climate change

How I built it

Uses the WIX platform

Proof of concept will be hosted on the landing page

Challenges I ran into

Deciding on the role of ownership and the use of technology

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Conscious Leaf platform for social networking,

Goodwill at work platform for employment enabling:

FastBix platform for fast track frameworks,

What I learned

Technology appeals more than our wanting to bridge gaps to improve the Operating Climate

What's next for The Internet Interfaced Operating Climate (T2IOC)

Taking the steps forward for the various platforms and the Operating Climate roadmap

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