I am the President of the Howard University Caribbean Students' Association and through this role it was highlighted to me how difficult it is for international students to access resources that are specific to them. I have also personally experiences this obstacle as 85% of my job, scholarship or internship search is spent sifting through potential openings to see if only US Citizens are eligible. Therefore, I have decided to create a centralized system that leverages the vast international community to contribute and provide resources that they themselves have received or aware of that fits the criteria of an international student.

What it does

This is an iOS and Android application where students, professionals or faculty can use to either search for existing opportunities, or contribute to the community by posting an opportunity that they are aware of. So too, there is a huge community aspect where, users of the app has an opportunity to request an introduction or potential mentor based on their personal desires, and other individuals in the community can then make suggestions based on their desires of potential matches/candidates.

How I built it

I used the ionic framework in collaboration with firebase. As information is the most important aspect of this app, I placed a lot of focus on the firebase database design.

Challenges I ran into

I ran into problems querying the database and pushing data from one page to another.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

After being stuck, on my pushing data from one page to another for a long while, I finally figured it out. I am also proud that I have finally gotten a MVP off the ground and now I can get feedback from my international community.

What I learned

Simplicity is key. Also, planning is very important.

What's next for The International Circle

- List of Scholarships 
- List of Internships
- Scholarship/Internship Item
    - Company
    - Details
    - Deadline
    - Link to apply
    - Requirements
    - Samples of application from past awardees
    - Contact Information for recruiters or recommenders
    - Ability to edit information
    - Ability to share info outside of app
    - Ability to bookmark/save info
    - Set reminder to apply
- Login 
    - Email or LinkedIn
    - Upload of Resume or LinkedIn account
    - Scrape details such as past internships from resume and linkedIn
    - Bookmarks
    - Reminders
    - Contributions to Database: Scholarship or Internships
- Groups/Forums
    - Chat room for Q&A based on major
- Ideal Profiles/Role Models/Map to Success
    - Advising Contributions from the community on how they got a job or scholarship.
- Push Notifications
    - Urging users to add or contribute to the list
    - Reminders of upcoming deadlines
- Contributions to Database
    - Adding info on internship or scholarship
   - Editing existing items
    - Saving
    - Required Field
  • Monetize the app for my organization to have continued income
    • ADs
  • Add technical Support
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