In the last few years social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok open a new way for everyone to present their ideas and talents to the world, like in any new market some succeed and some other did not, regardless, the potential for high level of connectivity was born in the name of “Influencers”. Studies shows the capacity influences have to move mass amount of people to take action base on their personal preference. Most influences created a niche to target a particular audience and improve in their idea to maximize followers. In today's world Influencers can reach millions of people in a matter of minutes and it is also proofed the ability to monetized thru their following audience. Now in days influences can be interlink with famous people like actors and actresses, athletes, government figures, etc. and a great majority has joined the trend original influences created of showing themselves in a simpler and more vulnerable way to engage and relate more to their following audience. Because everyone is different and is almost impossible to find common ground for everyone to help in climate change the most direct way to generate a massive engagement is to present influencers from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok with multiple solutions under the same umbrella for them to join.
Influencers joining the friendly horn will immediately catapult their choices to their massive audience, helping us to spread the site’s information. Regardless the solution; atmosphere, oceans, or land the impact will be directly related to the quantity of followers that particular influencer has under his/her account. These first influencers action will spark curiosity in millions, initial effort in thousand, and permanent change in hundreds, however it will be people from all around the world and from different backgrounds making of this strategy a solid foundation for more developed climate change plans to come.

## What it does The website transfer information from our data base into the user's email. Base on preselected options by the user, we sends a compressed folder to the user. Information like local and national websites, climate change community chats-rooms, videos, and much more are sent to the user. This folder can be further analyzed by the users in their personal computers to help theme strategize ideas in how to help locality with the climate change problem.

How we built it

The data we share with the users only contains << links to websites>> with information related to climate change problems and solutions. The files users get to access are downloaded from our cloud account. Our folders are organized so we can make a package of information and send it to the users quickly. We use our platform to allow new user to select their topic of interest. Email accounts are use as usernames and information can be send to these email addresses. Main folders are store safely for company access and management. Website's data is analyze every 3 months to ensure users satisfaction. Every six months the data is also analyze to target patterns in the users selection. Locations, main subjects, secondary subjects selected by users are cross-reference, allowing us to create more elaborate strategies for areas with similar issues.

Challenges we ran into

Gathering good quality data to ensure user's satisfaction is our biggest challenge. We tried to select good quality websites that present the users with a set of strategies aiming in help local and global problems. Also, our videos are from reputable companies that are making an impact in today's problems ensuring educational quality is high in our selection, Chat-rooms links will be also available for users so they can join local and global communities that focus in their problem of preference.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The simplicity for users to find a vast amount of information that focus on fixing the climate change problem they want to target.

What we learned

When we talk about avenues to educate the general public in the necessity to implement regional strategies to help stop climate change it seem everyone is waiting for local governments to come out with a solution that eventually will resolve this difficult situation, however the variety of climate change issues are now core in our society; from the way our foot gets to our tables, to the way our homes and buildings are fabricate and energized, and the way we create out products and services, it seems everything has deep negative impacts in the world, never the less technological advances now allow us to communicate faster than ever and humans now have the ability to create awareness to the general population and implement strategies in a global scale due to the internet.

What's next for The Friendly Horn, the Influencers Strategy

The Integration of more relevant features to our websites that will allow users to open the friendly horn website and app anywhere and keep track on their climate change golds. We also are planning to upgrade our data base every 3 months to ensure that only relevant information is sent to the users.

Built With

  • app
  • cloud
  • database
  • english
  • website
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