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A problem in VR is that you're not supposed to accellerate the player but we wanted to challenge that and make it awesome along the way.

What it does

We paired a high speed Virtual Reality demo that we built with a custom tilting chair that we also constructed in order to get the feeling of acceleration and immersion.

How we built it

Our virtual demo was primarily built using Unreal Game Engine and Blender which is a 3d modeling software. We constructed our assets in Blender and ported them into Unreal and designed the demo's logic and effects using Unreal's Blueprint system. Our chair was reconstructed from an old project from last year. It is now been updated with a new plateform to stand on as well as a piston that is used to lean the chair back and forth.

Challenges we ran into

Lots of hardware challenges. Getting the arduino setup with our piston was a big challenge. Another challenge was that our chair's original tilting platform broke and so we had to remove extraneous parts and use the original hinge in order to get our project back in order.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting our chair and piston up and running.

What we learned

Prepare materials beforehand for large projects such as these.

What's next for The Hyper Train

Rotation of the chair along with tilting.

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