We envision that the car of the future (maybe even near future) is going to have deep connectivity with the smart home, the community and oneself through wearables.

We leveraged the technologies from all sponsors to demonstrate such a vision.

The hyper-connected car is going to be an extension of the smart home. It will coordinate with home automation to get things ready for when one arrive home. We demonstrated this vision by integrating with SmartThings and automatically opening the garage door as you get home.

Interacting with the hyper-connected car will be through voice commands and by interacting with wearables to control the car functions.

Finally, this car will be able to reach out to family and the community of friendly drivers nearby in the case of an emergency or accident.

In case of an emergency we demonstrated how by using Pebble or voice with API.ai one can send an alert thought Twilio to our family members if needed. The recipient gets the accurate location and information retrieved from Toyota's api.

Through our tablet's dashboard one can monitor other drivers' from our family and community for their safety.

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