We are named after the hummingbird, a "keystone species" that plays a vital role in keeping the diversity in an ecosystem and helping it thrive. Our project, in the spirit of our namesake, guards and promote diversity in the workplace to ensure fair and equal pay for equal work.

What it does

Our project allows you to upload a spreadsheet of workers' payroll, and statistically analyzes it to determine whether workers of different races or genders are being systematically discriminated. It then computer and draws graphs representing specific key points regarding payroll data, like taking gender/race and comparing the annual salary between different people. This allows for quick and easy accessibility to payroll data that can otherwise be difficult to view and understand.

How we built it

We built the frontend using Python Flask. The backend uses Python and integrates Keras with a Tensorflow backend in order to make predictions of salary. Our website domain was from and hosted on Google Cloud's Compute Engine.

Challenges we ran into

We first tried to program the app in React, but after a few hours we decided it'd be easier to integrate everything into Flask. We didn't have much experience using Flask as a frontend before, but we definitely picked up the pace. Our hardest challenge was tying everything together into a user interface that was easy to navigate.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We spent a lot of time making the user interface as flawless as possible in order to establish user trust and give them as much convenience as possible. Integrating our back-end with the front-end with very little downtime in between computing and displaying the parsed data. Most of all... our domain name!!

What I learned

Python and Flask is fluid, intuitive, and enjoyable to work with, especially when building web applications that utilize both back-end data retrieval and front-end design. It can be difficult to integrate two different programming languages especially when two are used for the same system (front-end/back-end).

What's next for The Hummingbird Project

Further data analysis with deeper graphs, charts, and information of all depths. Features that stretch beyond the surface of what we have built with The Hummingbird Project. The ability to parse through any company's payroll data and quickly produce data and graphs that give a summary of the key points of the payroll data. Whether it be beautification, refactoring, or improving, any small step forward for The Hummingbird Project is a step to be proud of.

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