President Donald Trump recently issued an executive order banning travel to the US by citizens of seven Muslim majority countries. We wanted to empower users to understand the restrictions that they might face when travelling abroad.

What it does

The human world collates Visa requirement information and sentiment analysis and presents it in a user friendly way.

Quote from one of our members

Because of the restrictions on immigration, this has made it difficult for people who live in the US to meet their family who live abroad. I haven't seen my cousin in almost 8 years, and every time she applies for a tourist visa to come visit me, it gets denied. Recently, there has been a much tighter control on immigration, especially from the Middle East. I have friends who are afraid to travel back home, because of the fear that the US won't let them back into the country once they leave, simply because they wanted to visit their loved ones.

How we built it

The human world leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze public announcements of President Donald Trump on his Twitter account. Each tweet was analyzed for sentiment and then processed by Google Cloud’s Entity API to identify countries, religions, or regions that may have been referenced. This information is provided by the human world to empower users to understand the restrictions that they might face for work or family matters when travelling abroad.

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