the desire that we have during studies to be able to observe for better learning has been a great source of inspiration for the realization of this work, just as we use 3D printing to build educational objects, in this project it is augmented reality that has been implemented to enhance learning.

What is he doing

it allows you to drop a 3d human squellete on flat surfaces of the real world through the camera, it gives the possibility to start and stop a rotation of the skeleton by pressing it, to display general information on the skeleton during the rotation and also to display information on certain distinct parts of the human skeleton by clicking on these parts when the rotation is stopped.

How I built it

I used Adobe for the design and creation of the textures, then I started with a model available in the libraries of spark Ar studio to start the project and I also consulted various educational resources of spark studio to finalize the work .

Challenges encountered

familiarize myself with Spark Ar Studio software, use the patch editor to add interaction to the filter, but ultimately I managed to get the job done thanks to the learning resources made available to developers

Achievements I'm proud of

now, i'm proud to have contributed to making augmented reality accessible to the community to learn more about the human skeleton and soon on medicine in general (the next project updates).

What I learned

I learned how to use Spark Ar Studio better, I learned how to use the patch editor in the software, I learned new things about the human skeleton and I continue to learn more about medicine for the rest of my project.

What is the next step for The Human Skeleton

in future updates, i will add other medical learning topics (brain system, heart system, respiratory system). I would like to update it constantly to add information so that this filter becomes an augmented reality medical book.

Built With

  • 3dmodel
  • adobe
  • adobeaftereffects
  • photoshop
  • sparkarstudio
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