Vehicle based technology will expand to provide drivers and passengers with more options for information, entertainment, and communications.  This submission details an alternative interface for connecting and utilizing that technology in a way that maintains safety while providing flexibility of operation and does not require voice interaction or the diversion of visual attention.  It is a ten-key, touch-typing method that can help a driver safely adjust their GPS, dial a phone number and compose a text message, quietly, with both hands on the steering wheel.  This can provide Police a safer alternative to typing on a laptop, delivery drivers won't need to reach for dashboard based controls, and all drivers will be able to communicate with other vehicles around us.  This is an attempt to keep the driver in control of all of the vehicle's systems rather than require technology designers to limit a drivers options regarding technology interaction.  What follows is a detailed description of how this "driver's" interface operates to provide all of the options of a standard keyboard and how it can act as an effective, safe and silent means of interaction with systems in a vehicle.

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