I built this repository because I needed an easy solution to build, deploy and manage my rippled decentralized ledgers. I also needed the ability to manage a publisher/validator node. Finally I wanted the ability to pay for the cloud nodes using XRP payment channels. In theory this entire hackathon submission is just a push to get the amendment passed. Right now I have to pay in XRP, when the amendment passes I could use USD to pay for the nodes.

I also want to see rippled scale in cloud services.

What it does

The Hub has 2 main features. Builds and Clusters. Builds can be created based on github repository and branch. Clusters deploy peer, genesis or validator nodes based on specs provided. The application then deploys the cluster using Kubernetes on Google Cloud. The application also deploys the services and certificates required to connect to the node including the ssl, explorer, the faucet, the publisher list and the load balancer/peer.

The user is charged for the nodes by using Payment Channels. The cost is calculated at the end of each day based on usage reports from Google.

Currently The Hub is guarded by an NFT membership. To receive the membership NFT you must request access from

How we built it

We built the frontend using Typescript React/Next and Google Cloud Products. The backend is in Python and uses the Google Cloud Suite.

Challenges we ran into

Building rippled in the cloud is quite difficult. You need to make sure you have the correct machine specs and the right type of SSD. Configuring genesis ledgers is confusing. Building the config file from inputs was fun. :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Generating the config & validator list based on specs.
  • Building the rippled build using Docker.
  • Deploying the node cluster using Kubernetes.
  • Building a private genesis testnet ledger.
  • Building a private genesis xchain ledger.

What we learned

Rippled is very memory intensive. Genesis builds need special specifications and peers

What's next for The Hub

  • When the ICV2 amendment passes, change from using XRP PayChans to USD PayChans.
  • Managed Validators: The ability for owners to add and remove validators, publish the new validator list, and vote on amendments.
  • Run FH node: Run an FH node cluster and allow for donations.
  • Donations: Add the ability for anyone to send money to the node beneficiary and setting up auto paychan funding from the beneficiary.
  • IAM Integration with Google (Allow Google users to sign up and use their google account to deploy rippled to their own projects)
  • AWS Integration.
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