Recently during a business trip, one of my friends was a victim of data theft leaked from the hotel they were staying at, now this brought up the question of who all have access to the data like Driving license, passport, phone number when you stay at these hotels. Taking into note the fact this data needs to legally be collected but is never actually utilized for its purpose, The thought of digitizing this process with VCs was very promising as you can display only the data essential for the verifier when checking into hotels and the data collection will directly be part of the cloud which can be produced at any time

What it does

This project is developed from the perspective of a company that issues the VC that can be verified during hotel check-ins It checks user-submitted data and then issues the VC accordingly, this VC shared with the holder and then can be verified during check-in

How we built it

We used WIX the web template portal coupled with a backend of JS and many of Wix’s own functions that had to be integrated along with HTML to embed the links

Challenges we ran into

Database management was a big challenge for us as integrating firebase with WIX is something that has been implemented for the first time, this in itself was very challenging

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning the basics of JS and Implement Firebase with Wix in the mere time of a week was a really challenging task

What we learned

We Learnt it makes sense to work in a language and framework you know, even if you don't like front-end development XD

What's next for this project

Next, we will be Integrating the Firebase with the Verifier portal so that it can be used for sharing the database of entries with photographs: The reason for this is police checking for suspicious activity which in turn can be monitored with algorithms and image processing

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