Sending a message or a link to myself was often a struggle, as I don't want to put sensitive data on certain platforms. I wanted to access the link/message on another device, knowing it's for my eyes only.

What it does

This app saves your messages, linked to your Okta profile. This way, the messages are accessible on all your devices.

How we built it

As Okta provides a perfect solution to the login-hassle, Okta was used to handle the user management. A serverless architecture was used to build the app, using NextJS as our React framework of choice. Messages are saved in a cloud-based Fauna database. The app is deployed on the Vercel environment.

Challenges we ran into

Syncing the messages in the database with the frontend wasn't an easy task, but XState helped a lot here.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The amount of time it took to implement the login and user management in general. Without Okta, this would have taken a lot longer.

What's next for Private chat

Using Okta groups for certain types of users could improve the user management.

Built With

  • faunadb
  • nextjs
  • okta
  • react
  • tailwindcss
  • vercel
  • xstate
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