While brainstorming, we realized that we could all contribute to our ideas based on the diverse experiences that we've each had. Through that, we formed "The Hive," an app that could bring ideas, experiences, and advice from different communities. Additionally, since we are at Pixel Hacks, we were inspired by the encouragement for the promotion of women in STEM, so we created a category for that as well. Mixing our passions and our lifestyles resulted in this multi-topic resource center, and we hope that it can help different societies collaborate more.

What it does

It's an app that offers four categories of professional and personal interest: opportunities, girl power, educational advice, and community. The opportunities category provides users with a list of potential organizations and events that they could be interested in. As high schoolers, we recognizes the stress of trying to gain exposure from different field of study, and wanted to compile it in a more easily accessible way. The girl power category emphasizes the inequality of women in STEM, and provides information about the different movements, articles, and inspirational women. The advice category provides study, interview, and networking tips, three options that are essential in pursuing a professional career. Many students lack the guidance that others have in their different environments, and this way they would be able to learn more. Finally, the community tab serves as a mini forum for people to post stories or questions that they experience. We feel strongly about recognizing the diverse lifestyles that the world has to offer, and wish to educate others about what they cannot see in their community.

How we built it

We used xCode, an iOs program that uses swift and its interactive components to create an app. User experience is very important to us, and we hope that it is easy to maneuver. It's still in its early stages as a prototype, and we would like to add more complex features in the future.

Challenges we ran into

When making a product that is designed to bring people closer together, it was very difficult to narrow the categories down, especially considering the time constraint. There are so many issues and helpful tools that are not currently displayed, and in order to complete it in time, we had to cut down.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is all of our first times at a Hackathon, and we were very proud that we could brainstorm effectively to create a product that we all look up to. We managed to use our various inputs and skills in one way or another, whether it was beginner's coding, marketing skills, or design thinking.

What we learned

Communication and the innovation that is necessary to create that space is essential in a growing and learning environment. Something that we noticed in adolescents and young adults was that we were all very unsure about which direction to go, and how to reach other people outside of our comfort zones.

What's next for The Hive created by CCLN.

We hope to all stay in touch to create more advanced code, add more information/resources, create a website, and solidify our team goal. Technology is something that can bring people together, and we want the world to realize that it's possible for them to slow down and discover other opportunities.

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