There is no way to organize volunteers in an easy way when a help is needed. Last year in Mexico City earthquake, people posted on social networks for human help or for materials. What happened?

  • The help was needed
  • Too many people at the same place
  • The help was not needed anymore

So we decided to create a platform to bring people together in an organized way connecting volunteers & organizations to help in a situation where help is needed.

What it does

It is a web application where you signup and you will see a feed where you can find posts of organizations asking for X amount of volunteers for a certain project and you can register to them. Also the organizations have their own dashboard with their posts and they can communicate with the people who signed up to volunteer for a project.

How we built it

We did a web application using ReactJS, we developed an API with JS and it is hosted in Azure and we are using Neo4j as our Database since we are having a lot of relationships between all our items.

Challenges we ran into

We decided to use a graph database because we thought that it make sense, but we didn´t know how to do it. At the end we did it due to the research we did

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We didn't know how to use Azure and Neo4j before and now we do, we were capable of deploy our API with Neo4j to a server :)

What we learned

One of our teammates has an interesting way of developing react apps, also we learnt how to use Azure and Neo4j.

What's next for The Helping Network

Create an MVP with additional features and validate the idea with the users and organizations.

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