Three years ago, we were in the freshman year and we just started to learn Complex Physics and Electronics at the university. The PO was passionate about these 2 fields and did some research in order to improve her skills. Some subject we all 3 were interested in were nanotechnology, quantum dots and their use in the industry. A quantum dot is more efficient if the core is as pure as possible and the conduction surface is large. So the PO tried to think about a way to improve these 2 parameters by changing the core structure. In this way, The Hedgehog was born.

What it does

This a comparison between a standard quantum dot made with Si and a nanoparticle with a core shaped as a hedgehog or a spike ball. The purpose of the core's shape is to increase the mobility of particles, gain and frequency.

How I built it

We used a COMSOL MultiPhysics in order to create the simulations of these 2 showcases. Also, in order to get more parameters regarding the nanoparticles, we used Matlab. The hedgehog core was made by combining a sphere with several cones.

Challenges I ran into

We didn't work with COMSOL for a long time and it took a while to get used to it. Also, we had to reiterate our materials about semiconductors in order to create the model and write the paper theoretically correct.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The simulation proved the point of reaching higher frequencies, electrons mobility and conduction by increasing the surface that way. Also, the face that our predictions worked for this model.

What I learned

During this project we improved our physics and nanotechnology skills in order to create the simulations. This is our first paper we are working on in the scientific field, so this ice breaker gave us motivation to continue pursuing academic targets.

What's next for The Hedgehog

The project may have a lot of potential improving devices from different fields: health tech, applied physics, military, quantum computing etc.

The healthcare subject is the most important from our point of view. First of all, the laser devices used in operations may become smaller and more powerful using this kind of semiconductors. The laser would become more precise in operations like tumor elimination or plastic surgery. Also, these nanoparticles could be used in electromagnetic field therapy called tumor-treating fields.

In physics and electronics, the quantum dots could be used in particle accelerators, beacons, qbit structure etc.

In the future, we would like to pursue the implementation of the model to proof our theory.

There is a big milestone regarding this project. In order to build this nanoparticle, we cannot use the standard ways of quantum dots production. The crystallization process is not efficient enough at this moment. A solution we see would be the improvement of 3D printers in order to build the core with high accurasy.


  1. Strong magnetic response of submicron Silicon particles in the infrared

  2. Conductivity in transparent oxide semiconductors

  3. Physics and technology of semiconductor materials. Practical work

  4. Electromagnetic field tumor treatment

5.‘Hot’ dots for quantum computing

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