We wrote letters to the local council to ask them to take action on issues we had chosen. During class time, school council and young ambassadors across the school picked topics that were close to our hearts that we would like to see improvement. We picked the UN sustainability goals of cohesion (sustainable communities) and well-being to be our goals when we were making this ptich.

What it does

This scanning laser is a great invention for promoting well-being. The idea is that it scans all your food as you go around the shops just like a scan and go device. However, it's different from a scan and go device because it works out every thing you are buying and which things are the healthier choices (and what the labels tell us about the diet).

This is turned into an online data screen so that you can make better eating choices all the way through your shop; it doesn't stop there though, this device works to promote healthy eating when you are out and about in restaurants.

You can scan the QR codes outside the restaurants and see if they will offer you discounts and vouchers; they will have healthy eating menus and promotions so that you can get vouchers and money off of your food.

You will be encouraged to make much better food choices; the idea is, that by offering vouchers and discounts, it will allow people who do not have enough money, to make the best choices or eat what they would actually ideally like to have the choice to do so.

There are also parts of the app where you can login and record what you have achieved and get support from others as well as offering food surplus so as to reduce waste and create more sustainability

How we built it

We were lucky enough to work with members of the community council as well as a Hackerthon facilitator from another organisation

Challenges we ran into

We have had three year groups sent home and lots of challenge due to the Pandemic

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This project came together through the work of a lot of people who have made it happen even though we have had three year group sent home and lots of challenges it has been amazing to do thank you again

What we learned

This was our first Hackathon, we loved it

What's next for The Health Scanner

We would love to launch The Health Scanner in London

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