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Feedback today from a pregnant women after watching the pitch video:

  1. Describe briefly how you feel after receiving the video+article source ​It is a big relief to know that so far there is not evidence that COVID19 could be transmitted vertically from mother to fetus. However, the fact that most of the women have a c-section at the time of delivery make me feel nervous, as this is one of the complications or procedures I would really like to avoid.

  2. Describe your state of alterness/ concern after watching it ​I don't feel that my concern about COVID19 have changed much after watching this video. I have been trying to be as cautious as possible during my pregnancy before and I will keep in this way until my due date regardless of this video. I think that while is good to be informed about what it is known so far about its effects on pregnant, there is still much to learn and no evidence whatsoever could be taken as a general fact.

  3. Lead us towards improving the knowledge transfer experience. ​The video is very clear and the take home message easy to understand. It would be good to extend a little bit more the content of the video, maybe mentioning briefly the results found out of the study so it will be not necessary to read the paper. In any case having both resources is good.

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