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Feedback today from an O/G doctor MRCOG (Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) after watching the pitch video...

1.Describe briefly how you feel after receiving/sending the video+source I would feel pleased that I was able to keep my patients really up to date without having to spend much time organising the information. I would feel that this looks very professional and evidence based, and shows that I am up-to-date in my practice with regards to information and also tech.

2.Describe your state of alertness/ concern after watching it In this example, I would feel like the information is balanced so not creating undue anxiety whilst informing accurately.

3.Lead us towards improving the knowledge transfer experience. I think a short video (this kind of length or maybe slightly longer) is the way forward. With a longer video, people (both patients and busy doctors) will lose attention and miss the important messages. Simple pictures and words as well as the voice reinforces the messages well. Best if it plays easily on mobile phones!

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